Advice on Saving Knocked-Out Teeth

Posted on: 6 May 2021

Teeth can get knocked out of their sockets for many different reasons. Usually, you will suffer from a knocked-out tooth as a result of some form of trauma. Perhaps you have been knocked in the jaw by a glancing blow? Maybe you have suffered a collision while playing a sport or from a car accident? Whatever the reason for a knocked-out tooth, you should always act with as much haste as possible so that you can offer your dentist the best chance of success replacing it. The longer you take to see an emergency dentist, the greater the likelihood is that the tooth will be lost forever. What should you do?

Find Your Tooth

To begin with, you will need to locate your knocked-out tooth. In many cases, it will be somewhere in your mouth so you need to take great care not to swallow it, especially if you swish your mouth out with water to deal with any bleeding from your gum. Equally, of course, you may find that your tooth has been knocked out of the mouth entirely which means you will need to find it on the floor. Take great care not to accidentally stand on your knocked-out tooth as you search for it because this can damage the more delicate structures at the root.

Clean Your Tooth

If your tooth has been found on the floor, then you may need to clean it. Try to handle the tooth with some material, such as a handkerchief, so that is protected from greasy fingers. When cleaning your tooth, the idea is to remove superficial dirt, so simply run it under cold water and don't worry too much about brushing it.

Convey Your Tooth

Believe it or not, the best place for a knocked-out tooth to be located while you head to your dentist is within the socket it has just come out of. Pop it back in place and allow your dentist to attempt the necessary repair work. For this reason, you should avoid eating and drinking while you are on your way to your dentist as this may dislodge it. If the gum has been sufficiently injured such that you cannot use the socket any longer, then keep your tooth safely wrapped up in a damp, clean cloth.

Get Emergency Treatment

Get to your emergency dentist as soon as possible. Even if your usual dental practitioner is busy, there should be emergency slots available somewhere close to you. If you wait until the next day to seek treatment, then it is highly likely the tooth will have died, and it will not be possible to revive it.

Contact a local emergency dentist to get more advice in case of a knocked-out tooth.