3 Signs It Is Time to Visit Your Dentist

Posted on: 16 October 2020

Tooth decay is one of Australia's most prevalent health issues. Therefore, it is important to take care of your dental health and treat any issues as they come up. Learning the common signs of poor oral hygiene will help you deal with issues before they become serious. Below are signs that it is time to call your dentist.

Sensitive Teeth

Once your teeth start reacting to heat or cold, the tooth enamel may be thinning away or there may be cavities in the teeth. Sometimes the outer part of your tooth could be eaten away by acids present in the mouth, exposing the pulp and dentine to irritants. Avoid brushing the teeth aggressively and using teeth whitening products, as they wear off the enamel. Your teeth could also be sensitive to pressure and can easily crack when biting on hard substances, like popcorn kernels.

The best way to handle tooth sensitivity is by going to the dentist. The dentist will examine the teeth for the presence of cracks and restore them. If there are no cracks present, the dental expert will prescribe a suitable treatment.

Bad Breath

Apart from being socially unacceptable, bad breath is a common indicator of poor dental health. Bad breath is caused by the presence of bacteria in the mouth that cause decays and gum issues. Once you or the people around you start noticing that you have an unpleasant breath, it should be an eye-opener for you to improve your oral habits.

However, if other issues, such as toothaches, accompany bad breath, it is time to visit your dentist. You should also seek dental treatment when the issue continues even after following good dental practices.

Aching Teeth

Never ignore any pain in your teeth. These toothaches are likely to persist even when you increase how much you clean your teeth. Various issues cause tooth pains, and one is serious tooth decay, which can get to the tooth's inner nerve.

Though there are different degrees of tooth pain, no pain is good. Once your teeth start hurting, the first thing to do is book an appointment with your dentist. The dental professional will analyse the teeth and recommend the ideal treatment.

It is never wise to delay dental treatment. Therefore, once you notice something wrong with your oral hygiene, talk to a dentist. Look for a local dentist at a clinic like Chelsea Dental Group or another in your area.