Why Should You Use a Flouride Toothpaste?

Posted on: 8 March 2018

If you've ever looked closely at your toothpaste, you might have noticed that most contain fluoride. This is a natural mineral abundant in the earth's crust and seen in nature all across the world, and it can do your teeth the world of good. There are a few toothpastes that don't use fluoride, but here's why you should avoid them and pick up a fluoride toothpaste instead.

Fluoride Helps Teeth Develop  

If you have children in the house, it's more important than ever to pick up some fluoride toothpaste. Why? Because fluoride helps growing bones and developing teeth. With plenty of fluoride present, the enamel on baby teeth and adult teeth will be a lot harder. This makes your kid's teeth less vulnerable to tooth decay from day one, which is a benefit you should be interested in.

Fluoride Protects Against Decay

Even if you have no children and are all grown up yourself, choosing a fluoride toothpaste still makes sense since it helps protect your teeth from decay. It does this in two mains ways:

  1. Slows the Breakdown of Enamel: Tooth enamel is very hard but also quite porous. Plague produces acids that seep into the pores of your tooth enamel and break down the surface. This is called demineralization, and it creates weak spots that can lead to decay. Fluoride slows down enamel breakdown and increases the remineralization process. New enamel crystals form that are harder, larger and more resistant.
  2. Cripples Bacteria: Dental plaque doesn't actually produce acid itself. Instead, it harbours bacteria. When that bacteria feeds, it subsequently produces acids that weaken your teeth. Fluoride kills bacteria, so less acid will be produced. With less bacteria in your mouth, you'll also be less prone to infection and bad breath.

Fluoride Is Completely Safe

You should now agree that using a fluoride toothpaste is enormously beneficial for your oral health, but you might still be worried about any dangers or side effects. 

The truth is that fluoride is toxic – that's why it works so well against bacteria. If you keep swallowing fluoride toothpaste, you will get sick. However, that doesn't mean fluoride toothpaste is unsafe. Only a little fluoride is present, and it doesn't matter if you swallow a tiny bit. In fact, many countries have added a small amount of fluoride to their drinking water to ensure the benefits described above are enjoyed by the entire population. 

If you have more questions about the benefits of fluoride, speak to a dentist in your area.