Dental Services That a General Dentist Can Provide to Your Family Members

Posted on: 25 October 2017

Some friends come and go, but family is here to stay. For the most part, family are the people that share in your happiness, but also help you get through difficult times. It is important to ensure your family has a clean bill of health, as they are your blood and support system, filling your life with positivity when you need it. Many of the dental problems that affect different family members, from children to the elderly, are actually preventable.

General dentists offer a range of dental services geared towards helping families to maintain proper oral hygiene and prevent dental complications such as tooth decay, caries, tooth sensitivity and gingivitis, which may progress to periodontitis if not identified and treated early enough. 

Here is a look at a number of dental services offered under general dentistry:

Dental exams: These exams are carried out to assess a patient's overall oral health. Typically, the dentist will start with a visual inspection of gums, teeth and the rest of the mouth to identify any abnormalities. A visual check can help spot a number of dental health problems, including but not limited to tooth decay, cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis and even oral cancer. Aside from that, the dentist may carry out dental x-rays (radiographs) and scans to allow for a comprehensive examination of the patient's entire mouth. This way, dental problems can be detected early and treatment administered in good time.

Professional teeth cleanings: For the most part, dental problems are caused by plaque buildup inside the mouth — plaque is the layer of food debris that builds up on the teeth and gums over time. Despite best efforts to maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing and flossing teeth regularly, all plaque may not be effectively removed. In that regard, it is important to seek professional help when it comes to keeping teeth, gums and mouth free of plaque. General dentists can provide teeth cleaning services to help rid of plaque in hard-to-reach areas of the teeth and gums that may be cause dental problems if not removed. 

Dental referrals: Aside from conducting dental exams and teeth cleanings, general dentists can also provide dental referrals to patients that require specialised dental treatment. General dentists are the medical practitioners that will refer patients to a cosmetic dentist, periodontist, orthodontist or any other dental specialist they may need to see in order to solve their specific dental issue. Patients that want a brighter smile may be referred to a cosmetic dentist, while those who need custom braces may be asked to visit an orthodontist, for example.

Look for a general dentist that practices in your local area so that you can easily visit them when it is time for dental appointments or in case of a dental emergency situation.