Teeth Tuition for Toddlers Through Toys: 3 Fun Ways to Teach Toddlers the Importance of Brushing Their Teeth

Posted on: 22 March 2017

When it comes to brushing their teeth, some toddlers will do anything to ensure that bristly stick in your hand doesn't get anywhere near their mouth. This refusal to brush their teeth can turn each morning and evening into a nightmare for parents. No matter how much you try to reassure them that brushing their teeth is a good thing, some toddlers are simply too stubborn to be convinced—unless you get creative.

As a parent, you might be so stressed out by the thought of seeing those 20 pearly white baby teeth go to ruin that you may even consider forcing your child to brush their teeth. However, there is another way, a way that allows your child to decide for themselves whether or not they should brush their teeth.

It involves using their toys, several ways of which will be discussed here.

Play Dough Teeth and Cavities

Buy some play dough, white for teeth, black for cavities and yellow and green for food debris. Next, using a knife to cut up the pieces, create a set of pristine white teeth. You can also use some pink play dough for the gums if you wish, to make it a little more convincing.

Once you have a set of teeth, show your toddler just how clean they are and compare them to your own. Then, the fun can begin. Using the black, yellow and green, cover those teeth in cavities, tartar and food debris. Make sure you act distressed and alarmed by the mess when showing your toddler.

Explain that food gets trapped between teeth, and then show them how to remove it with a spare toothbrush. Show them how plaque can build up on teeth by coating teeth with the yellow play dough, and then scrape it off with the brush.

When you're done cleaning the teeth, let your toddler, who should now be very curious, have a go at cleaning the teeth.

Erasing Cavities with an Eraser

As with the above example, this method involves creating a set of teeth albeit with a pencil. Simply draw a set of teeth on some paper and have at them with the pencil until they are covered in stains and cavities. Then, while your toddler watches on, erase the damage.

To make this extra fun, you can attach an eraser to a pencil or lollipop stick so that it resembles a toothbrush. It is also possible to purchase erasers that erase coloured pencil or ink.

Brushing Favourite Teddy's Teeth

Toddlers love their toys, especially their treasured comfort toy. If your toddler has a toy that they carry everywhere with them, try to gently incorporate the toy into your brushing routine. Feign worry, and pretend to look into teddy's mouth as if you are examining its teeth, and then say, "Aha!" That is your cue to fetch the toothbrush.

Explain that teddy needs to brush his teeth because they are dirty, and then if your child allows, gently brush teddy's teeth while your child watches on. If they don't allow you to do it, hand the brush to them and let them do it.

Each one of these activities works in a way that doesn't force children. Instead, if used together, you can teach your child all about the hazards of tooth decay without coercing them in any way. Stubborn children like to make their own decisions, but they also tend to follow your lead if you allow them to do so on their terms. After doing these activities, your child may just pick up the toothbrush one morning and decide that is a good thing after all.

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