Top Care Tips for Your Dentures

Posted on: 21 April 2016

Dentures play an integral role when it comes to restoring the smiles of people missing one or more of their natural teeth. But dentures need to be well-taken care of because they are far more delicate than natural teeth. Regardless of whether you have to put on dentures because you accidentally lost your teeth or due to the natural process of aging, the following tips can help you take better care of your teeth replacements and allow you to maintain a nice smile for as long as possible.

Keeping your dentures and mouth clean

Avoid brushing your dentures with toothpastes meant for natural teeth, as they are extremely abrasive and will quickly scour away the dentures over time. Also, make sure you use a soft-tufted brush to prevent scratching the surface of your dentures. Always make sure that you brush over a basin that is at least half-full of water each time you are cleaning your dentures. This way, your dentures will not break if they drop, as they will be cushioned by the water below. Before refitting clean dentures into your mouth, brush your gums and tongue, the inside parts of your cheeks, and natural teeth, if any.

Caring for dentures when you don't have them on

Dentures shouldn't be allowed to stay dry when you are not putting them on, because they will warp. But, ensure you don't insert them in hot water, as this will also cause them to lose their original shape. Soak your dentures in mildly warm water to keep them moist whenever they are outside your mouth. Soaking will also ensure that any plaque or tartar remaining on the surface of your dentures is removed.

Make sure to keep your dentures out of reach of small children and pets who can damage the dentures if they happen to come across them. If there is a chance that pets or children can access the room where you keep your dentures, you had better place them somewhere that is high enough so that they can't be reached.

When to have your dentures checked

No matter how well you take care of your dentures, they may need to be repaired at some point due to the occurrence of accidents. Be sure to take your dentures to a dentist if they crack, chip or become loose. Your dentist can often perform minor denture repairs on the same day. If your dentures have suffered a significant amount of wear due to regular use, they will need to be relined or rebased to restore their initial functionality.