Teeth Discolouration Causes and Solutions

Posted on: 23 March 2016

Having discouloured teeth can dent your confidence in front of other people. A good smile is what you need to feel confident when interacting with friends. While most people struggle with their image, it only takes a few hours['] visit to a cosmetic dentist to have your teeth problems solved. The following are some of the most common teeth discolouration problems, their causes and solutions:

Yellow Teeth

Although some teeth become yellow due to poor oral hygiene such as not brushing your teeth after every meal, the most common cause of yellow teeth is aging. As teeth age, the surface becomes darker and yellowish because the dentin layer found under the enamel becomes thicker, hence accelerating the stress on the teeth.

You can consider bleaching your teeth to get rid of the yellow color and to make them whiter.

 Brown and Black Stains

This is a condition normally caused by beverages such as coffee or tea due to their dark colour. Habitual smoking is also another major cause of brown and black stains on the tooth surface because of the tar contained in cigarettes.

You can avoid this condition by avoiding drinks that are dark, and if you are a habitual smoker, you might consider to stop smoking. If the condition has already occurred, then visiting a dentist will solve the issue. The dentist uses a dental pumice to get rid of the stains, and then applies prophylaxis paste in order to make the tooth surface smooth.

Orange and Green Stains

These stains are usually caused by poor brushing of teeth, which causes plaque to accumulate on the tooth surface. This plaque contains bacteria that is responsible for the formation of a green or orange colouring.

You can avoid these stains by thoroughly brushing your teeth, especially before going to bed and in the morning when you wake up.  Another preventative measure is to use dental floss because it helps keep the teeth white and eliminate any plaque that might be forming on the teeth surface. If your teeth already have this colouring, a cosmetic dentist will do scaling to eliminate all the accumulated plaque.

While it's hard to avoid eating certain types of food or taking certain drinks, it's good to know that what we eat or drink affects our teeth. For instance, soda, red wine, tea and coffee are known to stain the teeth when taken for long periods. Foods such as soy sauce, berries and curries also cause staining. You should eat right and maintain the right oral hygiene.

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