Why You're Never Too Old for Braces

Posted on: 25 January 2016

Dental braces and other related orthodontic treatments are most commonly associated with teenagers, and for good reason—this is the period when most people choose to straighten their teeth.  However, if you've passed your teenage years, yet are still bothered by crooked teeth, it is worth investigating whether you should have braces.  After all, you're never too old for braces, and in fact, there are significant benefits to having braces later in life.  Here's just a few reasons why you should consider braces in your post-teenage years:

Your appearance now may be more important than ever

Although you thought that your appearance was everything when at school, the reality is that, post-graduation, your appearance is hugely important, as it forms part of the first impression you make on others.  This first impression can influence your education and job prospects, and even increase your chances of meeting a romantic partner!  Therefore, investing in braces as an adult could be even more important than it was in high school.  

Having braces can prevent future dental problems

Even if you don't feel that a couple of crooked teeth adversely affect your appearance, having braces can help you to prevent future dental problems.  Dental problems that may arise from crooked or misaligned teeth include chipping and wearing of teeth (which may require fillings) and an inability to clean some harder to access teeth, which may lead to plaque and gingivitis.  So, even if you don't feel you have a cosmetic reason to have braces, you certainly may have a dental health reason to do so.  

You'll get to avoid the teasing that may otherwise have occurred during your younger years

Everyone knows that kids can be mean, and, undoubtedly, kids that had braces may have been the recipients of some taunts, in one way or another.  An oft-overlooked benefit of being an adult with braces is that adults are far less likely to comment, or even notice, the presence of braces.  Also, as an adult, you'll be more confident in your decisions and your appearance, so having braces may bother you less than it would have in your insecure teenage years.  

You'll be in charge of your orthodontic treatment

The final benefit of having braces as an adult is that you are completely in charge of your orthodontic treatment.  Should you want to investigate different treatment options, such as clear braces, or change the frequency of your orthodontic visits, you can do so—no more relying on your parents to make the decisions!

You're never too old for braces—and in fact, having braces as an adult can come with some significant benefits.  Talk to orthodontists in your area to find out more about treatment options.